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Hi... the HP MSS is backing only data...

I dont plan to bakcup the superduper to my hp mss coz 1) takes too long if it updates daily, 2) not sure if win live sync support such huge file.

So the superduper/acronis is for OS and the HP MSS is for Data

So in any case, the best thing to do is HFS+ for the 500GB right?

First, use the BC Utility. I tried partitioning before and it didn't work out. BC Utility gave an error. Unless you want to go through the extra hassle + use rEFIt instead of the native bootloader, just stick to no-brainer BC Utility.

So I suppose your HP MSS is a Time Machine of sorts.

Personally I don't see any advantages of having Superduper on top of your MSS aside from having a full backup before every software update ie before upgrading from 10.6.3 to 10.6.4.

I would rather do full disk cloning to an image using something like CloneZilla. Having the entire OSX+Win in a restorable disk image serves for better and faster restoring. Downsides, however, include not being in a working environment while it's backing up (it's a linux bootdisc) and the lack of incremental update.

Not sure if Acronis addresses those shortfalls of CloneZilla.
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