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Configuration of your aircon.. what brand, how many system.. etc
Brand: Panasonic
Type: Single Split Inverter
Model: CS-S9KKZW (outdoor unit: CU-S9KKZ)
BTU: 8530
Warranty: 1+4yrs (1st yr by Panasonic, 2nd to 5th yr by Courts)

Total Dmg: $14xx (including brackets, 15A powerpoint & installation)

ENVY!!! Mine was like $300!!! I wanna hang myself already. My usage is similar to urs...
wow $300 how u use one

hehehe.. change to inverter ba
mind you.. miyamew is using single split air con..

You might want to share your aircon configuration so that we can judge if your usage is normal or not
yeah all thanks to this thread, i got myself an inverter!
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