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hi thanks for your advice. however, the sales manager at gain city introduced me a non-inverter LG air con system 3. only $1.8k including installation fees etc. and it is a 3 star energy saving.

model: H3UC216FA0

where as the inverter unit will cost around $800 more. will it be a good investment?
i think u dun get the picture rite......if u want to rely on the comments or suggestions from salesperson nowadays, seriously u even need to consider which one ish good or bad....

becos the salesperson will only recon u the product that ish on their interest (better commission, less popular brand to push the product etc.....) nowadays salesperson product knowledge are all nuts........

so conclusion do ur own homework, and choose the brand that ish really good by the words of mouth (of course from those who really bought and used the product.....)

I did long enough research before i chose Mitsubishi by researching on different forums, reviews etc.....
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