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Recommended shops

The waterdish - Generally good pricing with strong support of animal welfare activities

Polypets - Generally good pricing and seems recommended by many,


There seems to be many smaller shops now with good ethics in their business and treatment of animals. Find out more by asking questions about what they do.

Shops to boycott

Pets Station - Unethical breeders/puppy mills. Complete disregard for animal lives. Attempted to use hamsters as a marketing free gift. Constantly reported in forums and news over mistreatment of various animals over the years.

Link : Hamsters as Free Gifts with $25 purchase.

The place is AWFUL
Went today. The place is horrible horrible horrible. The lights where the pets are kept are off, unless have customers wanna take a look. Meaning they are in perpetual darkness most of the time. Most of the cats there have eye infections, a couple with running noses, and saw one with injuries around ears and eyes. The litter tray was obviously not cleaned for some time, considering that a few cats are sharing just 1 and that with minimum level of litter sand in it.

Ask the staff and he all dunno. How old? Not sure. What breed? Er... dunno. God, the kittens there dun look more than 1 mth old!!

This pet shop has it's own farm, so it's breeding it's own stocks for sale. I dare not imagine the environment at the farm considering the environment in the shop. This is also the same chain that runs the shop at Jurong Pt. The situation there is only slightly better. It also runs a branch at Causeway Pt, but there dun sell pets cos it's inside the mall.

Questionable Shops Best to avoid
Pets Safari

Animals and dogs don't seem to be kept in good conditions. Source of animals also dubious.


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