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Ppl often buy those cheap brand of dry food to feed their cats due to cost restraints. Especially those old aunties/uncles feeding the community cats. Some of them earn little so they couldn afford to buy gd quality foods for their cats.

Also i found that for home cats once they like a particular brand of dry food, they always like to eat that onli, veri hard for to change to other brand. I was giving them iams, try to change to wellness or origen,

When i tried the wellness, onli my 1st and 2nd cat will eat. The 3rd one simply never touch that food. For Orijen case, all the 3 cats nevr touch it. So in the end i just feed them iams.

There's another brand called "Fish for cats' I heard it don't contains any fillers. Its a new product into the market just less then a yr.
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