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Any bros & sis using this brand & model now?

Panasonic Non-Inverter System 3 (CU-3C20KKZ / CS-C9KKZW x 3)

Is it noisy & how's the peformance? Is it better than Toshiba or Mitsubishi?
hi i'm currently using this model... just installed less than 2 weeks only for my new flat. I didn't opt to buy from GC cos my a/c repair contractor can give me a better price. Only 2.1k (including new trunking n pipe works). Plus he will come up to ur place to check the works required n give advice for free. If u have existing a/c bracket, can save another $125 to $150.

As for noise n performance, i can only compare to toshiba (didn't try mitsubishi be4)... for both panasonic n toshiba - Quiet means the a/c wind not strong, not cool enuff for me even at 22 degree. So if u dun use the 'Quiet' mode, the air-con wind will be stronger n much cooler. Both brands r comparable for the noise level but they r tolerable...
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