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You are really treating your cat very well. Good feeding & top range products.

Innova Evo was manufactured by Natura, with their whole range well recommended. It is among the top with Wellness Core, Orijen, & a few others not available here. Unfortunately they were bought over by P&G. Once these big conglomerates buy them over, they will start tampering with the formula & streamlining the manufacturing to save costs.

Eukanuba, Iams, Innova, and whatever under P&G are now manufactured by Menu Foods. They are a notorious sub-contractor. Ingredients will all be from the same source, namely China. Formulas will be changed for mass production savings by using the same facilities. So when production is tainted, it will hit several brands. This caused a huge change in quality. Many good brands suffered the same fate after being bought over.

P&G bought over Natura a few months ago only. You may want to consider trying other brands.

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