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I stopped believing that dry food can ever be of good quality a long while ago. No matter the ingredients or brand its still cooked biscuits. I can't see how much nutrition we can get out of preserved stuff.

Supermarket brands may be cheap but when you look at whats inside the packet like canned food for example, you'll see that it's almost worthless stuff layered with jelly which companies add to fill up the can and this makes it completely not worth buying. You might as well have just bought a can of rocks.

Its like wanting to buy a sofa. You can't afford a $5000 full leather one so you settle for a $500 plastic one. The plastic sofa breaks after you've used it 10 times. You may have saved $4,500 not buying the leather one but by buying the plastic one you might as well have not bought anything because although the plastic thing was a sofa in name, it didn't serve its function. It's $500 gone to complete waste.

Feeding our pets isn't a science. Companies don't have anymore idea on what animals ought to be fed than most of us do. People who face financial constraints like the uncles and aunties who feed community cats (bless their selfless souls) can try feeding cooked chicken meat. It's fresh, cheap and you can get a lot of it for only a few dollars at the wet market. It's much more cost effective than buying expensive processed food.

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