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qwertheswer wrote:
hi thanks for your advice. however, the sales manager at gain city introduced me a non-inverter LG air con system 3. only $1.8k including installation fees etc. and it is a 3 star energy saving.

model: H3UC216FA0

where as the inverter unit will cost around $800 more. will it be a good investment?


Hey, I am using this aircon, and I can tell you that the usage is not good. Whether you turn on 1 or 3 aircon, for noninverter aircon, it will use up full 20,000 BTU or 2.5kWh. You turn this on every night for 8 hours, usage is around 20kWh every night or 600 kwH. Are you prepared to pay $150 just for aircon usage? Go for inverter
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