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G'Day enrell69 - Just joined the forum (since I'm seeking info re: travel from Sing up to KL or even Penang enroute to BKK) and thought I should help someone else before I start asking questions of others
I've lived here in WA for the past 30 yrs (originally from UK) and Perth certainly is a nice spot with a good range of diverse things to see/do. Don't know what age your mother is (whether able and fit to see places on foot or whatever); what your interests are, or how much ground you want to cover in the proposed 2 wks. Can I suggest three reliable web sites that give accurate info:

Personally I would look at seeing more of WA than just Perth. Remember that there's only just on one million population in Perth and you can get round all the sites reasonably easy (especially if you hire a car .... nb: all refs to bayswater hire and M2000 are accurate - I've used b/w a number of times over the years and they are a good value company). Road systems here are good [compared to Syd/Melb or UK!!] - no tolls; freeways linking nth to sth and good signage.

Look at spending a couple of days at least down south - Margaret River and the timber country of the south west (manjimup/nannup etc). Good food/wine area. Busselton has some good resorts and is handy for accessing the s/west area. Wildflowers will just be starting to come out from Sept/Oct - can be quite spectacular.

The city is a beaut place to visit - there are free transport modes around the city (eg, 'tram' which is a bus dressed up like a tram ... runs from the casino to the city and up to kings park; CAT bus service - a number of routes around city).
Just use common sense of places to go at night - 'northbridge' nightclubs, asian influence for eating ... can get roudy - but safe if not treading the streets at 2am when the clubs come out.

Hope this gives you some ideas. We are a fairly relaxed lot of here ... Hope if you come you'll have a good time. Feel free to ask me specific questions if you wish. Chris.
hi cj

tanx for the advice...

my mum is abt 60..we like to go for nature sightseeing, mountains, beachers and all not much a city-person ie its the same as singapore, so i wont spend much time in perth if i can help it.

i will checkout margaret river since it was also recommended by another forumer.

ive visited bayswater website and indeed the rates r much cheapere compared to hertz or m2000 but seems like they have only corollas in their fleet...
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