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Post taxi costs at airport

tanx for the advice..will have to discuss wif my mum on the itinerary..
Just been thinking through the recent discussion thats come up re charges the cabs are making from the airport - which as quoted by a couple of members here, have been WAY above the recommended rates. There is a surcharge for after hours etc - but even so .... are they charging for being a tourist!!!
Other ways into the city (perth) are not so attractive - eg. airport shuttle bus, if there's two or more of you its probably better to get a cab.

What I came up with - have a look at the site []
which seems to include hotels in Perth which have a 'free' collect and drop-off service. May be you can work out what hotels are offering this service, and even if you book a hotel through another booking company you might enquire whether they will pick you up. Just a thought.
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