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Hi all, my case is different.

I don't know for me if it's worth investing in inverter as I strictly stick to timer and use only 2-3 hrs per night. Room a bit cold can liao, once I sleep and it switches off, heck care the temp after that.

My home is System 3. All in bedrooms only. Will prob be moving out in 2 yrs if getting married. After I move out, prob only my mom will be left and she won't use the aircon much, maybe once a month for a few hrs if weather gets very hot...

Was thinking of 2 theories... 1: buy the cheapest possible (e.g. Samsung $1399 2 ticks from Carrefour this kind) and treat it nicely, few hrs per night and hope in 3 yrs it's still working
2: buy a more reputable brand with 3 ticks e.g. Toshiba which cost $1800+ , if it turns out more reliable or really more efficient then at least can say I recover back the "savings" (but I would never know)

Anyone have any opinions?

P.S. Would love to hear recommendations or complaints on aircon contractor too.

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