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Any bros & sis using this brand & model now?

Panasonic Non-Inverter System 3 (CU-3C20KKZ / CS-C9KKZW x 3)

Is it noisy & how's the peformance? Is it better than Toshiba or Mitsubishi?

HI All,

I just brought & installed Panasonic Non-Inverter System 3 ( CU-3C20KKZ ) on Thur, 16 Sept & already encountered 2 problems on Friday & today! I am so angry & total regret buying this system.

First - Problem with my aircon system - not cold at all even if you switch to less than 20 degree! We are all perspiring in the room. It turns out that the gas was not enough!

Problem today - the timer keeps blinking even if I have not touch or set any timer at all. The system switch off in the mid of the night automatically. I on it again & it switch off another 30 mins later. On again & off again ... I am so piss off! Worst, the technican can only come back again on Monday! I will have sleepless night today & tmr just to on & off the stupid system.

Any same user facing the same problem? Can pls advice how to solve it? I have reset the remote controller, take out batt, use another controller - all useless.
Pls advice? Thanks

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