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Wat wet can foods recommended for stray cats? Got Aristo cat, Fussie cat, Sumo cat.. etc

I used to feed my area Aristo cat wet can food. Buy recently the cats don seem to like it so currently i switched to Fussie cat wet can food.
I would avoid feeding them can food consisting of fish.

Think feathers and ears.

Fish is not a cat's natural prey food unless you count the SEA Fishing Cat. Deep sea fish like tuna are high in heavy metals. Furthermore, the fish in these canned pet food are actually leftovers from over-fishing. To me this is bad. The fish is taken in excess that can't be sold in human markets. Who deprived of this fish then?

The penguins, the seals and the dolphins.

Do you notice that all these brands like Fussie Cat etc don't usually carry a chicken (bird) as the main ingredient. It is shrimp, tuna, sardines, crab. I was looking through the shelves and was saying to myself WTF. I have never known of a crabbing cat or prawn catching cat.

We have also discussed that fish is very high in calcium in relation to phosphorus. So it does upset the mineral balance in a cat's diet.
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