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I'm surprised nobody faced bad experiences with europcar / redspot/ budget. If you dig enough u'll find that the oz car rental business is pretty shady. I'm going to rent a car there soon but i'm getting quite put off by the feedback.

I've looked around in tripadvisor perth forums / google / and it appears that there are lots of negative feedback about these 3 renters...

In fact one of the poster was a singaporean and he was apparently charged by budget for windscreen crack that was not there.

"“ Beware!! Budget Car Rental @ Perth Airport ”
Sep 27, 2008, 6:16 AM
If you use Budget Car Rental in Perth, be very careful the next time you drop off your vehicle for return at the parking lot in the airport.

If you can, make sure you take a photograph or ensure the staff personally checks the vehicle so they can verify that there are no damages.

On my recent trip to Perth from Singapore, upon arrival and proceeding to the airport counter, the staff persuaded me to sign the excess reduction package, lowering the excess charge to AUD 330 in an event of any damages incurred during the rental period.

Upon returning the vehicle, I requested for the staff to do a thorough check on the vehicle. The staff however insisted that it was not necessary and told me to just park the vehicle in the parking lot.

Almost a month after returning to Singapore, I received a letter from Budget to inform me that they have charged an amount of AUD 330 to my credit card due to a cracked windscreen. This letter really shocked me as the car was in perfect condition when we returned it.

Being dissatisfied, I emailed to the Manager of Budget Car Rental and asked for evidence of this damage. A week later, I received pictures of the cracked windscreen. My God! There was a huge crack in the centre of the windscreen which definitely could not have been caused by a falling stone but rather was intentionally done.

Upon scrutinizing the receipt further, I also realized that the fuel was 0/8 upon return of the car. This cannot be possible as I topped up the fuel tank before returning the car. When I called the Manager in Perth to highlight this petrol issue, they just brushed me off and said that, “It’s ok as we didn’t charge you for the empty tank.”

This raised my suspicions even further that their staff could have taken the car for a spin and intentionally caused the severe crack in the windscreen.

I emailed a letter of complaint to Budget but they told me that nothing could be done due to the signed rental agreement. I raised a charge dispute with my card company but this was declined by Budget as well.

Having gone through such an ordeal, I would strongly warn any travelers to Perth to beware of this scam. This is extremely dishonest and it has changed my impression of the rental company completely.

As a result, I have totally lost my trust and confidence in Budget Car Rentals. It took the edge off an otherwise wonderful trip down under to Western Australia."
“ Avoid Europcar Car Rental ”
May 11, 2009, 7:02 AM
I have just returned home to find a charge of £2055 on my credit card following a rental for a "25mm dent" which we did not create. Please be aware of this ongoing fraud by this company if you are considering renting a car with them, which has been previously reported on this forum.

I am disputing this with the Company/to anyone else who will listen (!) and will update this forum with any news.
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October 26, 2009 Pros: Nothing

Cons: Insurance scam, very bad customer service

Overall: We hired a car for a weekend in Sydney, and upon return were told that there was new damage to the car. The suspicious part was the lady inspecting the car went straight to the new damage, as if she already knew it was there and not on the report. They then kept the $1000 excess held on our credit card, and offered a refund of the difference once the repair had been completed - 3 months on and still no repair, so they still have all our money. They sent us a photo proving the apparent damage, dated 2 years before we even hired the car!! We have no doubt they'll never repair the damage (which by the way was a very shallow dent the size of a 20c piece), and therefore keep our $1000. We'll be going to the office of fair trading on this one - they are running a scam, whatever you do DO NOT HIRE A CAR FROM RED SPOT CAR RENTALS! While I have to give them a rating of 1, they deserve a minus 5.
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