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Bought some Solid Gold Indigo Moon to try on my cats. Most them seem to like it. Strange thing is they look & smell the same as Taste of the Wild. Almost like some kind of OEM product. However, Solid Gold has higher protein levels.

largest bag of Solid Gold Indigo Moon 6.8kg is around $60. That works out to $8.82/kg.

Cheapo, killer brands like Friskies, Whiskas works out to almost $6/kg bought from NTUC.

No doubt im comparing a large discounted bag versus small bags from NTUC. But the point is you can provide very much superior quality dry food at only slightly higher cost if you plan for the long term. Most people feeding Friskies, Whiskas and such usually just buy small bags after bags.

Compared to other costly killer foods like Iams & royal canin it is definitely time to make a change.


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