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Greetings Everyone,

Just got a kitten not too long ago, its been 3months now, Tiger's (non-standard munchkin) 6months old.

I've been feeding him Solid Gold - Indigo moon + Royal Canin Indoor, as recommended by the breeder. Tiger doesnt have any problems finishing every bowl.

But I was recently in KL and I visited a pet store in Megamall Midvalley and the didn't have Solid Gold range of Cat food. Neither did they have Royal Canin - Indoor.

They did however, have Orijen and Royal Canin - Fit32 in 7kg packs. Interms of cost savings, man, its about 40% cheaper than most pet stores in SGP.

Question is, being a typical Kiasu and a little ignorant (interms of Cat nutrition), I'm afraid Tiger might not be receiving the same amount of nutrition as the Indigomoon+RoyalCaninIndoor combi. Do I need to Mix Orijen with Royal Canin- Fit32, or would Orijen itself be sufficient to cover a 6mth old kitten's nutritional requirements?

I would like to stick to Orijen since its has been recommened in this thread and I can save $$$ everytime I get it from Malaysia.
how to go to that place? i'm interested also, since i feed my cat orijen
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