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hm... i used have a Fujitsu 36k BTU compressor for 4 FCUs each 9k BTUs.

It was (let me assure u) a total over-kill!

I initially was worried that the compressor cannot support all 4 FCUs, so i got the biggest one i could find and ended up with this 36k BTU compressor.

However, i soon realized that the initial cooling is the one that draws max power. And when the coils are cold after a few minutes, the power to the compressor drops. I confirm this with an AC clamp-on multimeter on the power cable to the compressor.

So if you add up the BTUs of the FCUs, you realized it is usually higher than what the compressor's BTU. But i dun think you should be overtly concern abt it.

yes, i agree that the one with the higher BTU compressor prob can cool down all the FCUs faster. BUT! it also comes at a price of a larger compressor which prob consumes more power to do so.

conclusion? everything is give & take lah...
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