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@therat: I dunno what is the hollywood tour all about becoz this is the itinerary given by their local tour operator. okie, will try out the mapquest later. As per your suggestion, I am thinking of going dessert hill outlet for day 1 because I will arrive very early in the morning. Hmm... the problem is I wonder if there is bus to go there coz we are not driving.

I am likely to go Las Vegas Premium Outlet, which is the nearest. I estimated using the taxi calculator yesterday, should be ard 15usd per trip and I think it is pretty fine. I am going on the Day 4.

I am not sure which factory outlet the tour guide will bring us to on Day 6. Probably one of the factory outlets in between LA & Vegas? Any idea? I will know upon arrival. Going around USA without GPS for 2 week?? Wah!! you are damn good... I will get lost finding roads in sg, not to say states.

@fone: have you been to yosemite? nice or not? I will be going canyon west rim...
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