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I got another question.

Assume that I use back the old piping for the new R410A air con and later the old pipe spoil.

Can I then ask the contractor to install new piping which is not hidden (ie it is installed on the walls) for the aircon?

Sorry if this is a stupid question.

i believe there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers.

u can get contractor to install new piping on external trunking later, but do note that it'll prob be $150~200 per FCU (fan-coil-unit) installation of pipes.

and as pointed out by Kimsim, if the pipes were running R22. It needs to be flushed clean.

but my top concern would be pipes for R22 might not be as thick-walled as required for R410A. flushing the pipes, which i suspect is some sort of chemical clean, would prob attack the Cu pipes as well.

should u decide to reuse the old pipes, I would suggest you get the appropriate 'discount' from the installation since no piping would be done. then when the air-con doesn't get cold after a while and esp when the contractor kept telling you to top up the R410A (which is much more exp than R22 btw) gas, u know the old pipes are compromised and you're leaking refrigerant.
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