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SPR - Singaporean PR?
U can hold on to SG PR even U get your greencard. it is not like U are becoming citizen.
US allow duo citizenship. SG do not allow duo citizenship.

who are the they?

depending on education level greencard can take very short time.
with a Phd (non PRC or Indian) usually takes 1yr+.
PRC or Indian takes longer still its like 2yrs.

those without US masters would required 5yrs of working experience and meet min salary requirement or bach and 10yrs of experience and min salary requirement. with that takes around 2yrs for non PRC or Indian. for them I heard ~5yrs.

others takes around 8-10yrs.

benefits of greencard, can claim social security when the time comes even U stay outside USA. can claim unemployment benefits if U are btw jobs. Can find job easily and demand higher $$, most companies today don't want to sponsor H1 so for one to find job most ppl ask for lesser money.
even on work VISA your spouse is paying social security tax and unemployment insurance. don't need VISA to come in and out of USA. H1 VISA only have 6yr limit.

issue is cost, paper work may cost US$4-5K but legal fees may cost US$4-20k depending on lawyer. company may get U to pay these fees.
thanks for all the info....very very very useful for us indeed! perhaps we really shld explore the option of getting a greencard if it's really so fast like what you've mentioned (we've been here for slightly over a year already).

right now, his employer is working on renewing his visa. they didn't mention that it could be easy for him to obtain a greencard. THEY = employer/colleagues (& indeed some of them are indian nationals). maybe they just want to avoid the hassles/costs for renewing visa is prob easier and free for them.

that's actually quite alot of money to pay for a greencard based on your upper $ limit!!! is there an expiry too on the greencard?

yah...SPR is SGP PR.
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