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i'm looking for an IE below $100. currently using Sony EX-90( i think) which compares poorly to my older EX-71. priority as such : comfort > durability > sound quality ( but at least ok). looking for more clarity than bass. used mainly on handphone ( but not iphone)

current shortlist for me is a-Jays three, but would like to see other models to compare with it. prefer angular jack but not that big of a deal
If you are looking at clarity than bass i think the Sunrise Sw-Xcape is a very good choice! Got good reviews recently. Would have recommnded you the RE0 as well but it is beyond your budget. Sw-Xcape has a local dealer and it is now being offered @ SGD 85 so should go hoot it! I think he has a thread somewhere in the mass order forum so should go check it out!
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