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The Hair Thread

This thread is created for forumers to provide tips and tricks on maintaining a good hairstyle as well as hair-care.

After i came back from Japan a week ago, I've concluded that their hair is really not over-hyped, it is a fact that in 10 people on the street, 8 of them have great hairstyles.
A great and attractive outlook does not only depends on how you dress, a good hairstyle plays a very important role too.
In Singapore, i've noticed a lot of people tends to neglect putting an effort to take a step further in styling their hair, common style and texture can be seen everywhere. Example for females, rebonded hair is so common here unlike over there, where finding a person with simple type/fully rebonded hair is such a pain.
After observing for some time, i found out that texture is extremely important. Different kinds of styles requires a certain texture. It is defined as dry, wet, oily and frizzly. If you match your style with the wrong texture, you're pretty screwed.

So you may ask how do someone changes his/her hair texture? It concerns several factors:

- Personal Hair-care
- Shampoo/Conditioner
- Styling Wax/Clay/Cream/Gel
- Styling Spray
- Hair color

You might find most factors on the list above is exactly the same as the factors that affect one's hairstyle. You're right. From this, Texture = 50% of your hairstyle. The other 50% concerns about the haircut, the form and shape.

Remember, hairstyles are international trends. Same for food, some people prefer sashimi over fish n chips and vice versa. For example, amercian hairstyles tend to be more glossy and neat type. Japanese having matte texture and twists at ends. Whereas for china is towards frizzly hair. Malaysia girls love to have straight fringes and frizzly at the back whereas Singapore girls likes rebonded hair.
Therefore, opinions can vary so don't take it to heart. The more the merrier, it can show you how some opinions can differentiate from each and every person.

Those who visit the long gatsby thread in edmw can migrate over here since its much easier to navigate for new users.

Posting of pictures of hairstyle is greatly encouraged as it will help alot in defining texture and form of your hair.

Thanks and enjoy your stay here!
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