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The times of PC DIY shops selling pc components are nearing to an end as people are switching to Tablets PC and the alternatives without the need to get their hands dirty. with Android OS, Chrome OS, WebOS, tablets PC and smartphones are replacing the functionalities of traditional computers.

This is evident in the scene at Sim Lim Square: more and more PC DIY shops are disappearing and replaced by shops selling netbooks, notebooks and tablets PC and smartphones. more shop spaces are now available for shops selling network devices, cables, servers. it seemed that Sim Lim Sq are becoming like a back lane factory selling odd metal / plastic parts for IT.

DIY / self-assembled pcs will become an old art or retrostyle soon.

the real charm for IT geeks is the ability to program android applications / games. The software side of IT has emerged. IT geeks will now concentrate on software part by DIYing their own android applications.
Google's OS was lambasted by RS (if u know who is RS). Real geeks and hackers abhor it. The so called "IT Geeks" u r refering to r script kiddies. Just my 2 cents worth. Cheers.

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