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I think this is a pointless discussion as tablets has it's purpose and DIY PCs have it's own purpose.

A more relevant discussion would be tablet vs netbooks and maybe down the road, tablet vs laptop.
At the moment, the tablet is targetted at people who wants mobility, who wants to do simple things. It can't even do everything that a laptop or desktop can do with a full OS, let alone real PC gaming.

Yes DIY/PC is slowing down a lot because the price difference now between a DIY/PC and a branded one is small. And most people would get a branded one anyway, because they can get better support. And also because laptops and netbooks are so cheap that a lot of people get that anyway to do normal daily functions.
I bought DELL PCs for my family members a couple of years back because I got tired of troubleshooting for them. If they have a problem, they call DELL and it get fixed. I don't have to travel to their place and fix it. I rather spend my time on my own PC..

DIY PC will be around as long as PC gaming exist. Not all of us can afford to go and buy a Alienware hardware to play games.
PC gaming might be killed by console gaming eventually.. that is when DIY PC might die.

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