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K, here is my Kokoro dining experience. Reached there, then was told that some items were 1 time order only. Furthermore, the variety was really limited. Abt 30 items in total, with the sushis, makis, soups and rice comprising of more than half of those items. Called Swordsman and we decided to go on with it since we lazy to look for another place. Oh well, at least treat it as an experience.

The steamboat set was limited to only 1 set per person. The prawns were not so fresh. The salmon balls were nice though.

I liked the big mushrooms though.

1 of the saving grace of the buffet, the salmon sashimi was fresh and yummy! 1 of the better sashimi I have eaten. Too bad only 1 plate per person.

We also got 1 slice of salmon teriyaki per person. Nicely pan fried with a savory sauce. Again, another star item and also a 1 time order item. Sigh.

The following were the buffet ala carte items.

5 fried items. We tried 3, consisting of chicken cutlet, nuggets and salmon. The bittergroud and assorted veg tempura we did not try. Swordsman found the chicken a bit bland, but I think they were okay, and quite juicy. The batter was also thin, and crispy. Well fried. I felt the fried items were quite good. Another plus point was that they came really hot. Nice! Fried only upon ordering.

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