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The galic rice was quite fragrant.

I like the soup. Flavourful, and nice chucks of salmon. They have the usual miso soup too.

Adegashi and Unagi tofu. Both were quite nice. The tofus were nicely fried, and soft within.

Their chawamushi was also quite good. The egg was smooth, and the 2nd order came steaming hot.

Their dessert spread canned lychees, and cake which tasted very normal.

They also had sushis, makis and handrolls in their buffet spread. About 10-12 varieties. The sushis were really bad. The prawn/salmon/swordsfish used were not fresh and clummy. Did not take a pic as they looked so bad. Managed to chow down the salmon sushi, but the swordsfish one was really fishy. Spitted it out and did not touch the rest of the sushi. Really a far call from the fresh sashimi which they served. Sigh.

We also tried their california makis. Found it okay. The salmon skin handroll I ate was good. Too bad I was full then, else I would have tried another.

So abt 30 items in total. The nicer items like sashimi, salmon teriyaki were once only order. Steamboat set also only 1 order. So the ad was misleading as it did not mention this. Total dmg was abt $22 nett per pax. So so value wise, but given the limited spread and the once only orders, I would consider it a disappointment buffet wise.
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