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Hi all, I've been using FOCUS Dailies for a few years.. now they've discontinued the cheapest 90pc pack for aqua-comfort lens which costs 22 dollars more for 6 packs (180 pcs).

Anyone knows if I can get it cheaper in JB?
Really disappointed with the contact lens companies..
Why are these lens getting more and more expensive?
maybe I should just go LASIK! haha!!
one suggestion for you: try optical 66 at chong pang. i bought my acuvue brand of contacts there and comparing prices with two other optical shops, i saved $18

Is it normal for new user to have blurry vision for awhile? For my case, only the right eye is blurry. How long should it take to go away?
hmm this is weird cos i din encounter such a problem last time when i was a new user... try blinking your eyes a few times, it may then clear your vision
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