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Another happy customer. I ordered a citiz black with milk, within two days after payment, I receive the delivery, on a nice Sunday afternoon.

The machine is really good and easy to use. I've tried making a cappuccino, latte and latte machiato and the foam is really impressive.


Can I just check with all the experienced Nespresso drinker, which blend gives the strongest coffee taste when making a latte? I have tried Ristretto, Arppegio and Roma, but the caffeine taste wasn't that strong.. Or is it because they are blends, which is why it is not suppose to be that strong as compared to say Starbucks or other outlets?

And also for making a black coffee, it is lungo right? But lungo is only 110ml, isn't the quanitity kind of little for a cup of coffee?
nespresso is meant to be drank in small quantity, lungo in 110ml is considered quite dilute. hehe. one of my fren told me her nespresso machine spoil coz the max she can get out of her lungo is 110ml only and her espresso shot is 25ml only.. *faint*

usually with starbucks, they do add in some sort of syrup if i'm not wrong, e.g. for their caramel machiatto, i know they add in vanilla syrup as well to bring out the fragrance.

personally i like livanto and arppegio for my latte.
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