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San Bei Chicken. I I believe the actual san bei chicken should be very fragrant from the use of rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil. This one not fragrant at all, so can considered fail though the chicken was tender and tasted okay.

Mapo toufu. Failed. The saucy was slightly sweet and diluted. Not spicy at all.

Toufu with broccoli. We also tried their toufu with mushroom although I forgot to take photo of it. These 2 dishes used egg toufu which we prefer, so I found these 2 toufu dishes better than the claypot seafood toufu which we tried too.

The infamous fried fish. Not that fresh, plus they using fresh water tilapia, so the muddy/fishy smell quite obvious. Samba and Swordsman dun like, so I ended up whacking the 2 portions we ordered. Edible lar.
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