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Fried youtiao. Avg.

I liked this furong egg a lot. It comes with bits of char siew, prawns, onions. A tad oily though, but shiok.

Sliced fish hor fun. The fish slices were fresh, but the hor fun used is the very thin and fine kind, so the whole thing became a bit clummy. Tasted okay though, got just a bit of wok hei.

Salad prawns. We also ate cereal prawns (the cereal was nice, but the prawns somehow did not absorb the fragrance of the cereals) and sweet sour prawns. The prawns were generally quite fresh.

Prawn roll. Found it avg, but Samba and swordsman seemed to like it but Samba felt that it could be better if the fillings were not diced up so finely. Ended up ordering another 2 portions which they whacked.
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