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We tried all their 3 soups. Ordered only 1 portion each to test test first. They have crabmeat thick broth, Sichuan spicy soup and lotus soup. The crabmeat and Sichuan spicy a bit starchy, esp the crabmeat soup. All 3 soups were quite okay, though the lotus soup was the nicer one. We ended up ordering 1 individual bowl of the lotus soup each.

For desserts, they only had almond longan jelly and red bean soup. I found the almond smell too strong for the almond jelly, but both Samba and Swordsman found it okay. Swordsman even ate 2 additional portions. I ate the red bean soup instead. It was thick and flavourful enough, just a tad sweet, so added water to it. Did not take photo of the red bean soup cos its in my tummy by the time I remembered to take photo.

Total dmg was abt $64, so works out to be $21.50 nett each. Quite value for money considering the amt we ate. 32 servings of food, so about $2 per serving.
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