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drainage pipe are usually 1/3 inches. it is the standard market size. this type of size will choke easily, y market don use 1/2 or 3/4? because like that less servicing to do(since bigger pipes encourage better water flow), less money for sub con. so insist on bigger size drainage pipe.

upgrade of insulation.. most upgrades are from class 1 to class 0. frankly class 1 has better insulation capabilities. so whts the difference?

class 1 is not fire retard but class 0 is, it got nothing to do with insulation capabilities. when upgrade make sure upgrade brands, not the class. higher fire retard = lower insulation.

brands like armaflex and k-flex are good insulation.
I agree. what my company practice is the upgrade is for a thicker insulation, and not the class difference. From 3/8 to 1/2 inch. As for drainage pipe, we are using the standard 16mm one. Insulation we use Armaflex standard, and trunking uses litaflex.

But bro, i dont really know how much is 1/3 inch. haha. drainage pipe we measure it by mm. haha

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