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Hi bro, that's a good choice. Mitsubishi Inverters are well known for being quiet, you can feel it when it's running in the middle of the night.

The noisiest compressor in the market goes to........ SAMSUNG. There are 2 types of mitsubishi inverters. One is starmex by mitsubishi electric, the one is DAIYA by mitsubishi heavy industries. The starmex one will be more quiet, and easier to clean (DIY) purpose.
Yup was reading up and hence decided to go for mitsubishi inverters as recommended by most folks.

Yes, those are considered bigger companies. Price wise, I personally compared and found that Coolserve has a better pricing than Gain City. Installation work wise, not too sure about Coolserve. Gain City installation work, you need to get the right technicians. Some of them are really good, but some..

*cough cough*
Was checking the price and found that Coolserve was slightly more expensive after including GST. Also they can't pay by credit card.

May be going to GC instead. Hopefully i get the right technicians.
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