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tot tat dae u say u wanna show us nice satay pixs fm Bali de? u forgot liao ar? jin jin senile? so yang aldy ...
fyi, I dun recall anyone saying u senile b4 leh!

U thank the wrong person la! but who's the "babe" who shelter u huh?
Tot no one interested mah, so did not post. The pics did not turn out well.

Anyways, the senile thingy was today's joke, and the thanks was for the person who sheltered me. How do you know he/she was a lady? Why can't it be twtan or samba?

Here are the few more presentable photos.

Photo of the roadside stall where i ate the sate.

Sate kambing and ayam. The ayam was nice, but the real star was the kambing. The sate itself was tender and juicy with a nice grilled/charred fragance, but the real killer was the sauce they pour over the sate. It is a slightly spicy, slightly sweet sauce, not like the peanut sauce which we dip our satay into. The sauce with the sate was really good. So good that i reported to the stall 2 nites straight even at close to midnight and a good 15 mins walk thru the dark back alleys of Bali. Sigh, now then i appreciate all the street lamps in SG.

A lady preparing a veg salad or something. As i am a carnivore, i did not try it.

This very dark photo was that of Jimbaran beach. Hope you can see the grp dining at the table beside the sea. They have a whole roll of restaurants, all selling grilled seafood. The tables were arrange along the beach, and there were traditional balinese dances as well as singing performers at some of the restaurants. Takes the term, waterfront dining to a whole new level. Quite fun dining under the dark skies with the sea breeze blowing sand into our food (kidding!).

The place was nice, but the food so so. Prolly cos we joined a day trip thingy for this, so the food served was those standard cheapo tourist food. If order ala carte, the food should be better, along with higher price of cos.

Each one of us was given a plate of seafood. You can see the 3 clams, 2 prawns, 1 fish, 3 squid sate and a small crab. The food was actually quite fresh, but the cooking was uninspired at best.
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