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This was another road side stall I went to. They were selling babi guling or Balinese suckling pig. I actually wanted to try the babi guling at Ibu Oka in Ubud which Anthony Bourdain recommended. Did not have the time to go to ibud, so I try it at a roadside stall instead. Costed me a whopping $24,000!!! Lucky it was rupiah, which worked out to be S$3.70.

Not very nice. Its basically, pig skin (not crispy), pork meat, fried pig liver and other pig innards etc with rice.

And finally before I depart Bali, I went to a spa to pamper myself. 2 hrs of bliss consisting of a traditional Balinese massage, green tea body scrub, then rubbed with a honey+milk cream, followed by a dip in this tub filled with flowers.

The view was non existent, I still a bit scared might have ppl peeping, heehee. But it was still very enjoyable to soak in the warm tub, with the heady scent of flowers and sipping tea whilst eating biscuits. The afternoon sun shining in also gave the whole place a fuzzy warm glow. Very nice.
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