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Hi, Im selling the following textbooks:

Title: Organisational Behaviour (for sem 3 mkting students)
Authors: McShane, Olekalns, Travaglione
Edition: 3rd
Condition: 4/5 (as good as new, plastic cover included)
Selling price: $60 (neg.)

Title: Essentials of marketing research (sem 3 mkting students)
Authors: William G.Zikmund, Barry J.Babin
Edition: 4th
Condition: 3/5 (photocopied version)
Selling price: $30 (neg.)

Title: Consumer Behaviour (sem 3 mkting students)
Authors: Pascale, Cathy, Simone, Martin, Teresa and Del
Edition: 5th
Condition: 3/5 (photocopied version)
Selling price: $30 (neg.)

Title: Retailing (sem 3 mkting students studying distribution channel)
Authors: Patrick M.Dunne, Robert F,Lusch
Edition: 6th
Condition: 4/5 (photocopied version, as good as new)
Selling price: $30 (neg.)

Please sms me at 92320261 if interested! Thanks!

hi, found ur organizational behavior? saw a used book with same title here:

hope it help!
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