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More beef, pig trotters, salmon sashimi and fried udon. Basically food which i found good.

And yet another plate ... the udon was much better than the fried rice. In case you're wondering, no, its not abalone, but rather bai ling mushrooms.

Heres the pleasure of pleasure menu, aka the united plates of american version. The usual one had cod fish n chips which i liked too.

We tried all except for the egg benedict. Too full to try that one. The angus beef, rack of lamb and pork t-bone were the nicer items, esp the lamb. Too bad the lamb was so good. Did not have space to eat more of the other items. I liked the pork t-bone too. It had a slight charred fragance.

All in all, we ordered 20 plates of pleasure!!! And 10 of them were the lamb. Heard eat too much lamb, will have mutton smell *sniffs armpit* Urban myth

Heres the dmg. $42.40 nett. Definately good value for the food with the lobsters, scallops, and delicious beef and lamb. I wanna go again

OT a bit, see what i saw on my way to the brunch. Sleeping beauty on the mrt. Btw, i dun usually shoot pics of strangers, just that she looks so funny, and with her face covered, i doubt anyone can recognise her, so no harm done.

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