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did the management give it to u after u mention or.. they give it to u automatically?

are u going to write review on the desserT?

kindly reserve 2 for me and my guest. thanks
I asked for the voucher when they gave me the bill.

I find the desserts overall decent/good, but nothing exceptional, like the choc cakes at Melt etc. Liked the durian pengat, except they added too much gula melaka as twtan mentioned. The ala minute pancake was nice, but i think its more of the peanut butter + kaya + butter filling

Cream brulee was good. Banana studel inedible.

Their bread was very fluffy, but then again, not many of you eat bread in buffets.

Sure. You want me to mail them to you? If so, pm me your addy or wait til i see you or raven then can pass to you.

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