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wonder can ask them to heat up all the seafood.

Toons i didn't know you like zhen zi type of girls.

Plates of pleasure can share. nice then whack. not nice, once is enough.
Well, you can try. Just say you have a weak stomach or something, so ask them to heat up for you incase you get diahorrea or something

Well, i like gals who can make me laugh ... n i did find her funny looking. So you can technically say that i like zhen zi type of gals, thats if you think you can have a relationship with a gal who you only like when she is asleep in that manner lor ...

For the plates, thats what we did. 1 to 2 plates of everything. Then when we found that the lamb rocks, its another 2 rounds of lamb racks for everyone. No more sharing, heehee.

Did anyone mention that their mashed potato was nice too? Buttery, smooth and tasty esp with the sauce.

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