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if (Exempted_CS1010_CS1020_CS2010) {

printf("Teach no new languages");
printf("Self-learn if required");

} else {

printf("Teach C, Java");


switch (Major) {

case CS: printf("Depends on focus areas"); break;

case IS: printf("Java, Java EE"); break;

case EC: printf("Basic programming skills will suffice"): break;

case CM: printf("IDK"); break;

default: printf("Computing sucks."); break;

More like Prof-pick-a-language-he-likes-and-you-learn-by-yourself-when-taking-the-module to me.

Honestly, language is not important, just learn any language, it's the computational thinking that is important. I would recommend C/C++ for a more solid foundation in computational thinking, java abstracted too much lower level work from the programmer and is not a good learning language.
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