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thought u say black pig doesnt taste diff from nude pig.

btw, do u find that they ... seasoned the snowcrabs? coz at our session at kushibo, we ( first by twtan friend ) discover the crabs boiled or seasoned in vinegar or sugar water.. cant remember,
Yea, the black pig shabu shabu tasted good, but the slices were literally paper thin. So i am not sure if the lack of porkiness smell was due to their using black pig or cos the slices were so thin. They actually have a counter with ingredients like prawns, various balls, mushrooms, vegs and even pork for the shabu shabu. I should have taken some of the 'normal' pork to compare. Also, some of the slices were quite fat though.

Yes, they also used salt water to wash the snow crabs. However, its not as salty as the ones at global kitchen though, for me still okay. But the crabs really juicy, and it was really a messy to try it without the sicssors contraption (which they ran out) to cut open the shell. The juices just splatter all over the place.

The food is of a higher quality than compared to kiseki or momiji, though less variety.
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