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trying later at night.

macs use their own brand. hear from people their nuggets got chicken feathers bones etc all blend together... hahaha not sure how true is that
i doubt that's true, if so it would definitely their "secret recipe"

ok hope the cajun chicken is good

Yes, dinner is 45++ per pax. 2 paxes will be slightly above $100. Sure, pm me your addy? Unless you wanna pick it up from Queenstown mrt in the evenings after 7pm.

No idea abt the splitting of bills, but there is really no way they can stop you cos you can always book 2 tables. It doesn't really make sense for them to have to force diners to do that cos its a lose lose for everyone. You will prolly need 2 UOB cards for that to work though.
thank you Toons. i will pm you my address and pay for the postage, it would be more convenient. though today i went past Queenstown mrt for Redhill at 6+pm so missed it, but i think you mean weekdays though?

i am not sure if were to use the voucher with group of friends or my partner (for celebration) so ask in case if it's the former. the Sunday brunch looks good, but my input level is going lower and lower, probably due to some problems. not even sure if i can make it for The Line. I will be full just for 1 bowl of rice serving. Very sad. Trying to regain my usual appetite but taking ages.

I do have 2 UOB cards on my side, so it is good if they can so but is not wise if they really insist on sitting separately. I will see how then. Thank you very much.
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