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I know... i throw most of my knives (except those really expensive ones) to test them. And the izula won't break unless i go throw it at concrete. Actually, i've thrown my mini ak-47 on concrete and it's perfectly fine. If u're wondering why i did that is because i want to get rid of my mini ak-47, and until now i can't get it destroyed =/
And, katanas are arnd HRC60, if not more. Samurais NEVER use their edge for combat- they use the sides of their blades, which are laminates. They only use their hard edge when they go for the kill.
The spined of a katana is tempered while the edge is hardened.but still only around HRC55 for the harder ones.i dont believe any reliable swords could have an HRC of 60..too brittle.Thats from what i tested with the rockwell machines at my school's material engineering lab, even most of my knives are around HRC59..
Well i don't know how samurais fought with their swords, but they mainly used bows anyway..
I'm more interested in the material compounds and science, I'm studying material engineering so i get access to the test and machines..Hope i can learn more about metallurgy..
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