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Yeah! the EDCF Manix 2 glow is shipping now!
Hope it'll be here in 10 days or less!

anyone.. some small fixed blade pics.. sorry, messy table.. time to clean up

L to R: Izula, bravo necker, Izula with scales, BlackJack Necker, Boker Krein pocket bowie..

L to R: Boker Krein pocket bowie, bravo necker, Izula, BlackJack Necker..

I really like bowie blades for small knives.. like a nessmuk and great for food prep..

Satin blade and green canvas.. for those who are concerned with 1095 and rust, this is 154 stainless! Not that 1095 rust easily..

Izula, took this upside down cos it can't stand.. lazy to do additional shots similar handle shape.. but length is identical, even the hole is very close in size with the BJK slightly larger..

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