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Walao eh, just 1 night and this thread like tio spam >.<
Lazy to quote again...

Viix, i dun throw my sage and superleaf. They are so beautiful! Gonna use the sage as my edc. I lost my mini ak-47 thumbplate so it's pretty much a 2 hand opening knife which is why it has not much value. I call it my Abuse knife =) Btw, u know where can i find blue handle FFG manix2?

Slayergut: The Hrc thingy on katana is learned from many websites. But since u got the dunno what machine to test, i can't argue anymore >.<

BlackWing1977: Sheares has the GI-Tanto. I tried throwing it and it sucks! The balance is totally off, and the handguard just gets into the way. If u want can pm me, i got 3 x TFT brand new =D

Kapuui: Knifecenter got cheaper shipping alternative, but not for fixed blade. About $6 cheaper. I say knifeworks more responsive. But knifeworks restock very slow =.=
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