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Wah! This folder quite ex leh.
But it is a nice folder.

Realised that alot of ppl like to collect Spydercos. What is the reason for the popularity?
Spydercos always get discontinued very quickly. ESPECIALLY the strange strange pieces like the captain etc. They call it sprint runs, means they make a model for a very short period of time, then stop and start making something else. Thats a big reason as to why they're so popular for collectors, compared to other manufacturers like BM.
But for users, there are the basic models like the delica and dragonfly which are very very nice edc knives.(sadly i lost mine earlier last year).
They are also very high quality and their knives always come shaving sharp, means easier to maintain the edge.

My humble opinion
I still prefer benchmade HAHAHAHAHA
Live to paddle and climb.
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