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Buy EVERY knife!!?? Lidat will become pok man...unless the collector earning alot lah.
Slayergut, I checked out the Spyderco Delica...Looks very nice.

Same price as the Cold Steel Spartan.

Both looks just as good leh! But this month I can only get one.
Now I am in a dilemma which one to get...
Yes, will be pok! That's why some sell their CC knives on ebay..
the delica wins over cold steel anytime..

I always felt cold steel to be like chinese company.. always copying stuff and hyping up their advertising.. they do have some great knives especially their khurki stuff but as I work in advertising, I'm naturally wary of companies that hypes up it's product or adopt that kind of media strategy..

Here the email I saw when I enquired about the CC in the spyderco forums..

Thank you for your interest in our Collector's Program.

Below are the details on how the program works and how you can get started with your program as a Spyderco Collector.
~ 201 pieces of the first production of each new sku will be numbered (00-200) for Spyderco Collectors.

~ A new sku is any Spyderco knife being produced for the first time.

~ Spyderco does not sell directly to the consumer; all collector knives must be purchased through an authorized dealer in your area who is currently purchasing directly from Spyderco, Inc. (If you have trouble finding a local dealer, please let us know and we can help locate someone).

~ Each end line customer is limited to one collector number.

~ A letter accompanies each new Spyderco knife and is stamped with the company seal.

~ Generally, the SpyderEdge version of the knife is selected to be numbered, if the knife is only available in a combination SpyderEdge/PlainEdge, this will be numbered.

~ If you choose to join our collector's club, you will be asked to sign an agreement that requires you to purchase each numbered knife. If you refuse any new numbered knife, it will be assumed that you are forfeiting your collector number for all the future numbered knives.

~ We request that you pick up and pay for each numbered model within 15 days of delivery to your dealer.

~ New items considered variations will not be numbered with your collector number followed by a V unless you are enlisted to receive ALL variations. Variations may include a change in one to two of the following: the handle material, the edge configuration, the blade steel, the clip style, or the blade style (e.g. from a flat ground to a hollow grind).
~ If it is ever determined that a collector knife is defective under warranty, a new knife will be issued and engraved with a period following the number to designate the second numbering. Spyderco, Inc. reserves the right of ownership to any knife replaced under warranty.

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