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so r u guys still on on the 13th?
with the new infor, i am not sure abt them...

i just added golden mile basement nasi lemak stall on my book of blacklist..

Initially i order chicken (tiny drumlet with wings), 1 piece of fish (bone in centre).

The Ah tiong say $4.. then i order 1 more wu xiang (about 10 cm long).

price shoot up to $7.. Frigging hell. so exp.. 1 wu xiang cost $3..

Somemore the portion of the rice is so little. I eat liao still feel hungry, i went over to the famous steamboat with chicken rice stall and order 1 x mui fan $4

total cost $11.. i might as well eat raja inn or eurasian lunch buffet.. more worth it..

How i wish raja inn or that eurasian buffet moved to bugis...then i will patronize them at least 2 days in a 5 day work week.

Seriously i didn't know wu xiang is so damn exp.

Hopefully later dinner at popeye don't disappoint me.
it will most likelydisappoint u de.

not hot enough, not crispy enough, not tasty enough, not big enough, not spicy enough... not cheap enough....

if got warm seafood, don mind going.
u alr told toons u going claymore without the warm seafood !
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