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i think it's ah beng/ah lian lingo

it's hokkien
kia tio hoot - scared of being beaten up
kia see - scared of death
kia left on the shelf - scared of being left on the shelf
thanks for the translation...

to me hokkien... baby lingo are just alien lingo to me...

how to go to to toa payoh or amk branch of popeye ? no one here has even been there ?
AMK one ish at jubilee... the old cinema there beside S11.... u go all the way to the north from the west to eat popeyes..??

Want to go must go airport one. Singapore flier branch and the Century Square branch sucks. AMK I find ok but some don't like. Airport T1 is the best. Not sure still there.
T1 one no more liao...

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